Hivernale des Templiers
2022 November 28 - Event
5 routes to choose

Winter is coming, with a striking Larzac, in its austerity, here is the spirit of a race organized by the Templiers team, which will take place on December, the 4 ! Choose between 5 routes to discover the Roquefort area, an authentic territory with a rich history : 

  • The Carline - 12.9 km and 540m de d+
  • Rock Shot - 16.6 km and 750m de d+
  • Adonis Trail - 25.8 km and 1130m de d+
  • Marathon de l'Orchis - 34.7 km and 1440m de d+
  • Astragale Circus - 66.8 km and 2280m de d+

It's your turn to play !

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