You don't a predefined route in head ? Start the recording of an activity, follow your evolution of the map, and consult your data in real time. Once you finish your activity, you will be able to save your activity and to complete your dashboard. You will also have the possibility to save your route and to share it with the community.

Record your activity
and see in real time your position on the map

You don't have any predefined route ? Don't worry ! Trail Connect is specifically made in oder to allow you to get the layers of a geographical area (map part on home screen) and save the activity you realized. You can so follow your progression on the map, and at the same time see your data activités (speed, distance, elevation, etc). 

At the end of your activity, you will have the possibility to save your itinerary to keep it on your dashboard, and/or to publish your track to share it with Trail Connect community or your relatives. By publishing it, you will have the opportunity to find it on your Trace de Trail account and to work on it if needed (modify the itinerary, change the start point, etc).