Use the live tracking functionality to enable your friends to follow you, at any time, during a training or a competition. You can associate it to an existing track or not to facilitate the following by your friends. They will be notified at each position received.

Live your activity with your friends

By using live tracking functionality, you will get the possibility to give a code to your friends. They will be able to follow you, either on Trail connect (live tracking module), or on Trace de Trail website (Menu --> Live Tracking Trail Connect). By authorizing the reception of the notifications, they will be alerted at each position received. They will see your position, the hour of your passage and the level of your power. On your side, you will be able to configure the distance between two positions. 

My friends have a notification when I activate
the live tracking

With Trail Connect, the live tracking connect you with your friends without having to inform them ! If they have already your live tracking code, they will be automatically notified when you will start a new live tracking and will receive your positions. When you're making a pause or when you're ending the live tracking, the app will also inform your friends. 

Good to know : you change at any time your live tracking code, to control who is following you